Wednesday, April 11

I am almost done with one of my Plan papers. I'm on page 18 (of 20). I'm thrilled with this. I'm "mailing" (the day I send my papers to my outside examiner, meaning the day I can't/won't write anymore) on the 26th. I still don't know who my outside examiner will be, but whoever it is will be great, I'm sure.

I'm happy with the way my pictures are coming out, and I'm super-excited for my gallery show, which I am sharing with two REALLY cool people, and it's going to be AMAZING.

I am NOT HAPPY with reports that we'll be getting AT LEAST a foot of snow tomorrow. It is literally the middle of April. The time for snow to be still on the ground has past. Snow falling from the sky is beyond unacceptable. A FOOT? I'm going to have a heart attack. I can't STAND this never-ending winter thing. It is HORRIBLE.

ALSO HORRIBLE: I did not get even an interview for the Rome Center. Wow. I cried a little bit now I'm mostly just excited about planning for grad school and the whole fabulous rest of my life.

But I have some amazing people in my life supporting me right now, and I know I'm going to get it done and be able to lay out in the sun all day, drinking beer and wearing dresses. I'm looking forward to the beer-and-dresses part of all of this.

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sarah said...

Maggie, helloo, it's Sarah (the one from Trinity, since I don't know how many Sarahs you know...). How are you? I am so happy to have found your page. Are you back in Chicago after you graduate? (super congrats, by the way!) We're moving back in August, thank goddess, Champaign is a hunk of cornfields...I just started blogging, at, if you're interested. I hope we can start talking more regularly again at some point in the future; your friendship has always been treasured. Ta!