Saturday, March 31

I loooove empty marlboro, and I really wish that everyone wasn't coming back tomorrow. I just really like having the place to myself, with only a choice few around to play ping pong with or throw rocks into the firepond with. Ping pong and firepond rocking throwing are best enjoyed in relative quiet.

Thursday, March 29

Ok, I have been so negligent, and I'm sorry.
here's what I've been doing:
1. I went home and celebrated St. Patrick's day and saw the florida branch of the family, and it was great. We marched in the parade with the plumbers union.
2. I went to Milwaukee on the train and saw Rachel, Jenny, and Lydia, and went to the best bar in the world and the art museum.
3. I went to New York City with Evan and Helena and saw the city, a musical (Spring Awakening) and Moby (in line for Spring Awakening), and MoMA (I take back my Jeff Wall-bashing, the show was wonderful). Oh and part of the Robert Moses exhibit. AND a woman with a cat in a backpack trying to pick a fight with a dog owner in central park. AND Italian people talking about Super Mario Bros.
4. Oh! I forgot about the part where I saw Lily in Chicago and we went to a lecture by Vik Muniz and it was AMAZING!
5. E & H and I went back to Boston and went to another of the world's great bars, and rocked out to live music played by people I know. We rocked OUT.
6. Now I'm back at school trying to work but being more interested in the cloudless sky.

Sunday, March 11

This is a list of bad ideas.

1. Not turning off a cell phone, even when you think it can't possibly ring. This is a guarantee that it will ring and cause strife.
2. Parking a car on an inclined sheet of ice. This will guarantee that your car will be immobilized. Again, strife.
3. Modernist planning. No one wants to live in a concept.

Let us all take a lesson from this.

Wednesday, March 7

I just got the kindest note from the person who would be my ideal outside examiner. Not only was it a very kind reply to my email, but it was a kind reply indicating that he might very well be able to do it, the fact that we'd be paying him peanuts be damned!! I am so thrilled and very flattered and a little star struck, frankly. I love his writing and I draw on his work quite a lot in my Plan (although not as much as I originally thought I would be, but still). He has friends that went to Marlboro and admires the Plan system. How cool!! I'm sure if he didn't know the school there would be like no chance of his interest.

This is a very good sign!! I had sort of a breakthrough in my photo paper today, and I had a total breakthrough in my photographs last week, and the new Arcade Fire album is out, and generally things are looking up. Woo hoo!!!