Wednesday, September 17

Dinner tonight was sweet potatoes with swiss chard and kale. Followed by dairy queen.

I wasn't tracking this week and I am confident the results will show when I weigh in tomorrow. They showed last week and I didn't record my weight. But denial is not just a river in Egypt, and I'll be entering tomorrow's number no matter what, and be tracking despite the wedding.

I did walk a lot this weekend, in the rain, which I think should burn more calories than normal walking. I also went for a rather humbling run yesterday. I'm biding my time hoping that the gym near my house will have a "no joining fee" sale, but if they don't by 10/01 I'm just going to join and pay. The body needs it--with fall in the air I can feel my fat cells just holding on for dear life. My bike needs fixing which is something else that would help shake the fat cells loose if I wasn't too damn lazy to walk my bike to the repair shop. Talk about your self-fulfilling prophecies.

How many bad days make a bad week? Let's hope it's 4, and that tomorrow is actually good, and therefore this week is redeemed.

Here's a picture from a better day than the last few have been: