Wednesday, July 26

Swabbing the decks

Mom wants us to scrub our deck. It's a pretty nice deck but is starting to resemble ever-so-slightly the deck of Davy Jone's ship, whatever it was called. It's sort of black and damp looking all the time and the lichens are encroaching. So I put on my BU rugby shirt and had at it for a while. I really made a difference! I love scrubbing things. I am starting to love to clean... not so much to tidy, but to clean. That is step one. Tidying will come next. When I have the budgetary fortitude to have dozens of cute Container Store whatnots in my house, it will be tidy like you've never seen.

A New Cyber Leaf

This change has been inspired by the fact that xanga is really dumb. I am also resolving to post more and better.

Today I woke up at Courtney and Alex's. I stayed over instead of going home after we went to Moody's last night. Moody's is fabulous, at least the burgers and ambiance are. It's also fun to just walk home from a bar. It reminded me of Rome a bit, and all the walking we did there. They don't have hamburgers like that in Italy, though.

I worked at the Buzz tonight. I am so happy I'm back there. It's like a family, complete with dysfunction... but it feels great. All the new people have welcomed me back so warmly, it's a blast just to go into work. I really love waitressing, which is good because my degree is in American Studies and I have no practical skills or experience at all. So yes, good thing I can wait tables.

After work I perfectly timed (I was rather pleased with myself) meeting Gabby to FINALLY see The Devil Wears Prada which, as predicted, I adored. ADORED.

And now I am here doing this and I don't have to work tomorrow. Tra la la!