Thursday, December 21

Sorry for the long silence. The last few weeks of December ended up being pretty intense.
1. I finished the semester. I am not satisfied with the semester, nor does finishing it have any real affect on the amount of work I should be doing, but for better or worse it is over, I am home, and I only have one more semester of college left.

2. We had Cabaret, and I had a ton of fun, and then I quit the social committee, and I feel very good about that.

3. Lydia kicked Plan's butt, and is moving out of the Manor and on to bigger and better things, and I will miss her.

4. I have major writing and revising to do and I am very overwhelmed and I don't want to do it.

5. There were too many Havard girls on my plane from Boston, and it made me cranky. Harvard girls are too skinny. What is that about.

6. Despite all my rhetoric, I still have no plans for next year or really the desire to come up with any. I am taking the GRE on January 9th and after that I'll know whether I should bother pretending any longer that I'm going to be moving up in the world.

7. I got a myspace: I am friends with M. Ward and Jen Lekman, and that makes me happy. Also Achewood.

8. I am an idiot and a failure and I cannot take a photograph to save my life and I will never finish this, and if I do it will be terrible, and there is no way I am as smart as I like to think I am, and I will never be thin and I will never be popular. It feels good to get that out.

Wednesday, December 6

New things


New hair color:

Yay for newness.

Monday, December 4

I wish this was all over and I was in Ireland already without a CARE in the WORLD... except I suppose from now on, unless I magically get a good-paying job I enjoy and a nice apartment with people I like, I will ALWAYS HAVE CARES FROM NOW ON. OH MY GOD THAT SUCKS.

Sorry to use bad language but I jut don't know how else to express it.
I just ate a cup of froot loops and dang if that is not the flavor of lake geneva.
Sometimes I worry that I'll never make pictures again that I love as much as the ones that I made before I ever took a photo class.

Sunday, December 3

I'm applying for this:

I am! It scares me a little but it would be sooo nice to have a solid answer to the "what are you doing next year?" question and this idea has been percolating for a while. So I'm doing it! It's perfect! It's service (but with a salary), it's me putting my money where my liberal mouth is, it's Chicago, it's everything. It's a little scary but things that aren't, are boring. So yes.

Saturday, December 2

The weather all last week was totally miserable, albeit warm. But it was dark, dark, cloudy and foggy all week. Last night it kind of all came to a head with ridiculous thunderstromage (don't get me started about how wrong it is to have a thunderstorm on December first. That is REALLY MESSED UP.) and the power going out, etc. And, now, today, it is beautiful outside. Probably cold--I haven't actually gotten out of bed yet-- but definitely beautiful.

Friday, December 1

I dyed my hair again, a darkish brown with hints of red. I like it ok. I'll see how it looks in the morning, and after a few washes. I've decided if I'm going to wear my hair long I might as well dye it too, since my hair's natural color well, it's been described as "dirty blonde" "drab" and even in one particularly helpful case, "hair." My hair is the color of hair. So, yes. Darkish reddish brown. That is preferable.